ETHERFAX’s Integration into Hyland’s OnBase Platform

ETHERFAX and Hyland are revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations manage their document workflows. Directly integrating Hyland’s cloud fax with ETHERFAX’s APIs facilitates the secure exchange of patient data, ensuring meaningful connectivity and interoperability for healthcare organizations.

Why Use the ETHERFAX Hyland OnBase Integration?

ETHERFAX’s integration into Hyland enables organizations to exchange faxes directly into and out of OnBase. Managing inbound and outbound healthcare documents has never been easier! Whether it’s patient records, medical reports, or administrative paperwork, ETHERFAX acts as the input to Workflow, eliminating the need for costly fax boards, on-premise fax servers, and monthly telephony expenses. ETHERFAX operates in a HIPAA and SOC2® compliant environment that is both HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS Certified.

Features & Benefits

Continued Workflow Efficiency Seamlessly integrate ETHERFAX into your existing OnBase workflows, enhancing productivity and streamlining document management.

Effortless Integration Direct integration with Hyland means seamless faxing into and out of OnBase, eliminating manual steps and empowering real-time communication.

Cost Reduction Say goodbye to the burden of legacy fax infrastructure. With ETHERFAX, reduce your total cost of fax telephony ownership.

Rapid Delivery Speed matters in healthcare. With ETHERFAX, patient records and critical documents are delivered in seconds, ensuring timely access to vital information.

Enhanced Security Protect sensitive patient data with our robust security measures, safeguarding against breaches and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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More Reasons to Use the ETHERFAX Hyland OnBase Integration

Experience the power of streamlined document management with ETHERFAX and Hyland’s OnBase platform. In an era where fax remains a vital communication tool in healthcare, ETHERFAX is redefining the landscape. By eliminating barriers, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency, we’re paving the way for a future where healthcare organizations can focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional patient care.

Problems Solved


Direct integration preserves user workflow and experience


Receive and index inbound faxes in batch processing


Fax out directly from your current workflow

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Seamlessly move to the cloud, replacing expensive on-premise faxing

Enhance Productivity and Streamline Operations

AI Insights

From summarizing content and extracting critical data to transforming unstructured documents into structured, searchable data, AI Insights accelerates processes, reduces resolution times, and empowers your team to focus on strategic tasks.

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Two-Time Top Rated Performer

Among the vendors analyzed in the KLAS Digital Fax 2019 and 2023 reports, ETHERFAX achieved the highest level of validation and is the top-rated performer.

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