ETHERFAX’s Epic EMR Integration

The integration of ETHERFAX into Epic offers healthcare organizations significant benefits including enhanced security, rapid transmission speeds, and reliable delivery of business-critical documents.  

Secure and Simple Document Exchange

ETHERFAX’s integration into Epic enables healthcare organizations to exchange protected health information (PHI) with end-to-end encryption, ultra-fast transmission speeds, and guaranteed delivery by connecting to ETHERFAX’s DirectFax solution via the Epic Connection Hub.

  • ETHERFAX integrates directly with Epic’s EMR system, allowing seamless faxing capabilities within the Epic interface. 
  • This integration enables secure, encrypted transmission of documents, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA. 
  • It simplifies the process of sending, receiving, and tracking faxes, enhancing operational efficiency. 

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ETHERFAX Remote Integration Service (ERIS) is an AI-based document data extraction development tool that supports the processing of job files and is an alternative to using programming APIs. This remote integration service provides support for email, Epic web services, file drop, and more.

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ETHERFAX APIs enable custom application integration, allowing document exchange with four-nines reliability, built-in redundancy, multi-layered security, and an easy setup using the software development kit (SDK).

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