Built-in Integration with Lexmark MFPs

ETHERFAX with Lexmark have revolutionized document exchange by combining secure cloud technology with robust hardware, ensuring efficient and reliable business communications.


Extend Faxing to the Cloud

Securely send documents to millions of ETHERFAX’s connected endpoints with ultra-fast transmission speeds and guaranteed delivery. By combining ETHERFAX’s secure, cloud-based technology with Lexmark’s robust hardware, organizations can achieve efficient, secure, and cost-effective document exchange suitable for modern digital environments. 

Traditional fax systems, relying on analog phone lines and SIP trunks, face several issues:

BUSY SIGNALS Limited capacity results in busy signals and delayed transmissions.

COMPLEX INFRASTRUCTURE  Analog setups and hardware maintenance are cumbersome and costly.

SECURITY RISKS Traditional fax lacks robust encryption and compliance with modern security standards.

INTEROPERABILITY Integration with digital workflows and applications is often difficult and unreliable. 

The integration of ETHERFAX with Lexmark multifunction printers (MFPs) addresses these challenges by embedding ETHERFAX’s cloud-based fax services into the firmware of Lexmark devices:

ELIMINATES BUSY SIGNALS Utilizes ETHERFAX’s network for simultaneous handling of thousands of documents.

SIMPLIFIES INFRASTRUCTURE Reduces the need for analog lines and hardware, facilitating easier setup and maintenance.

ENHANCED SECURITY Offers end-to-end encryption, operating in HIPAA and SOC 2® compliant environments, and certified to HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS standards.

ENSURES INTEROPERABILITY Seamlessly integrates with digital workflows and applications, enhancing document management efficiency.

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ERIS is an AI-based document data extraction development tool that supports the processing of job files and is an alternative to using programming APIs. This remote integration service provides support for email, Epic web services, file drop, and more. 

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Secure Exchange Network

ETHERFAX’s Secure Exchange Network (SEN) leverages hybrid-cloud technology to enable secure, high-speed, and reliable document exchange without the need for telephony. 

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