Easily Extend Faxing to the Cloud with ERIS™

ERIS™ eliminates on-premise infrastructure to reduce costs and boost automation efficiency. 


Traditional fax servers are complex, costly to maintain, and require significant infrastructure. As a lightweight, containerized application, the ETHERFAX Remote Integration Service (ERIS™) can help clients easily replace many local fax server functions.

ERIS is an AI-based document data extraction development tool that supports the processing of job files and is an alternative to using programming APIs. This remote integration service provides support for email, Epic web services, file drop, and more. 

ERIS simplifies document exchange by supporting job file processing via a drop directory and seamlessly integrating with third-party applications. ERIS eliminates the need for on-premise infrastructure, reducing costs and complexity while enhancing workflow automation and efficiency. 

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Email Faxing

Traditional faxing methods, involving physical machines and dedicated phone lines, often lead to high costs, inefficiency, and limited mobility. ETHERFAX’s email faxing solutions revolutionize this process by allowing users to send and receive faxes directly through their email accounts. This seamless integration with email clients ensures that operations are streamlined, mobile, and highly efficient, aligning perfectly with the robust capabilities of ETHERFAX’s Remote Integration Service.

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Automate and optimize document handling by integrating seamlessly with existing third-party systems. Our integration ensures efficient, secure, and compliant document exchanges, reducing manual processes and minimizing errors. By automating routine tasks and improving data flow, ETHERFAX helps healthcare organizations to focus on patient care, thereby increasing overall operational efficiency and productivity.

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