The On-Ramp to Healthcare Interoperability 

Unlock seamless healthcare interoperability and streamline workflows with our comprehensive solutions designed for the modern healthcare landscape. 

One of the many benefits of replacing fax with ETHERFAX is the ability to integrate with multiple applications. This can happen through our Software Developer Toolkit, our extensive API Library, or through our ever-expanding list of third-party integrations. ETHERFAX’s integrations facilitate the off-ramp from fax and the on-ramp to interoperability. 


Enhance Patient Care

Our solutions ensure secure, efficient data exchange across various healthcare systems and platforms, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

EMR Integration Seamlessly integrate with Epic and other EMRs to enable secure document transmission and real-time monitoring

Secure Document Exchange Utilize our secure network to transport unstructured data, ensuring HIPAA compliance and data integrity.

ETHERFAX Remote Integration Services Leverage remote solutions to connect disparate fax machines and simplify transitions to IP-based infrastructures without added complexity.  

Automate Healthcare Workflows 

Automate routine tasks and optimize workflows to reduce administrative burden and enhance productivity.

DirectFax® Send high-resolution, healthcare records directly from messaging apps and EMRs, eliminating the need for physical fax infrastructure.

Workflow Automation Implement automated data extraction and integration processes to streamline patient data management and reporting.

Cost Efficiency Reduce recurring costs associated with traditional fax lines and infrastructure

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AI Insights

Experience enhanced productivity and streamlined efficiency with etherFAX’s AI solutions, transforming document workflows and enabling your team to focus on strategic tasks by automating data extraction and organization. 

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ETHERFAX’s integrations allow third-party applications to securely exchange business-critical documents and data. ETHERFAX enables seamless communication between agnostic applications with advanced data encryption, transforming documents for direct ingestion into third-party applications. This integrated interoperability facilitates automated workflows, secure data exchanges, and efficient handling of diverse data formats, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and productivity in healthcare and other industries.


ETHERFAX’s workflow automation solutions enhance productivity and streamline operations by automating document and fax workflows, reducing manual intervention, and increasing efficiency. When integrated with ETHERFAX’s interoperability solutions, organizations benefit from seamless and secure data exchange between different systems, facilitating improved communication and collaboration. This integration allows for automated, real-time data transfer, ensuring compliance and reducing errors, thereby optimizing overall operational workflows.

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