AI Insights

Our cutting-edge Generative AI solutions seamlessly integrate into your inbound document workflows. Creating searchable PDFs and OCR, summarizing document content, and extracting critical data, ETHERFAX AI Insights accelerates processes, reduces resolution times, decreases staff burnout, and empowers your team to focus on strategic tasks.

Why Use ETHERFAX AI Insights?

Powerful data extraction transforms unstructured documents into structured, searchable data that can be easily integrated into workflow processes and applications. Use the power of Generative AI to quickly and easily interrogate a document for any specific type of insights. AI Insights can convert an incoming fax into a searchable PDF, OCR the document, and use Gen AI to classify, summarize, and extract data – creating the off-ramp from fax; and the on-ramp to interoperability.

Features & Benefits

Summarize Use AI Insights to summarize lengthy documents into concise, actionable summaries. From medical records to explanation of benefits, our solution uses Gen AI to empower decision-makers with the critical information they need, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. 

Classify This Generative AI solution eliminates the need for complex models by categorizing and extracting critical information, resulting in accurate document classification. AI Insights empowers businesses to improve decision-making, streamline workflows, and unlock deeper insights. 

Extract Generative AI seamlessly extracts key-value pairs from unstructured documents, allowing you to easily extract details such as patient demographics, or insurance details. Enhancing business workflows, our Gen AI Extract solution delivers fast and accurate results, transforming handwritten or scanned content into machine-readable text.

More Reasons to Use ETHERFAX AI Insights

Improve efficiency by creating searchable PDFs, OCR, and extracting structured data from unstructured forms with ETHERFAX. By reducing manual searches and data entry, staff can focus on more value-added tasks. Automate workflows with recognized form types and increase accuracy by training AI to extract required data, thus reducing error rates. No complex coding needed. Reduce costs by saving time, reallocating teams, and minimizing downstream errors.

Problems Solved

increase costs

Reallocate teams to focus on 
tasks that drive revenue

Enable workflow automation, send 
the right document 
to the right staff 
Ease administrative burden on the 
Tier 1 support staff

With Gen AI, 
turn unstructured 
data into actionable insights

Enhance Productivity and Streamline Operations

Top-Rated by KLAS Research

Based on KLAS Research’s scoring system, ETHERFAX scored the highest level of validation for its outbound EHR integration, automated document routing, discrete patient and document identification, and discrete clinical data.

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Workflow Automation

Work queues and workflow automation enable documents to be dropped into a file folder that can be swept by content management systems or ingested and integrated into third-party applications such as EHRs.

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