Health Records and The Most Common Way to Share Them

According to a Data Brief released by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, fax continues to be the most common method for exchanging summary of care records. About 7 in 10 hospitals used email or fax to send and receive health information in 2019 and roughly 70% of hospitals use fax as a means of sending and receiving summary of care records.

Additionally, a quarter of pharmacists still use fax to process prior authorizations, a 2021 survey by Surescripts found. The survey goes on to state that a majority of prescribers and pharmacists use fax to communicate and collaborate.[us_single_image image=”8887″ align=”center”]

Why Use ETHERFAX’s DirectFax Teams Integration?

We are meeting users where they are — not creating yet another dashboard they need to log in to in order to access patient critical documents. The Microsoft Teams application is the underlying tool that Microsoft utilizes to enhance the user experience. As apps enable collaboration within a single environment, there’s no need to switch between tools and workflows to get work done. Our DirectFax Teams integration allows users to utilize the collaborative features within Teams, without having to change their existing workflows!

With DirectFax, departments can create Teams channels. Leveraging this capability, hospital teams, from clinical to administrative to financial, can better organize their collaborative tasks to improve productivity. Users can now share documentation in their relevant channel, which also makes it easier to look for the right data. If 75% of communication is done via fax, why not upgrade the way you fax to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows?[us_single_image image=”8889″ align=”center” onclick=”lightbox”]

Benefits of DirectFax & Teams

  • Transmit secure, digital, high-resolution, rich color documents using Teams
  • Easily receive, send, and view your faxes directly in Teams
  • Faxes can be viewed in DirectFax mailbox-style application, or shared in Teams Channels you are already utilizing
  • 100% secure and compliant following HIPAA and PCI DSS, with secure end encryption delivery validation
  • No need to switch workflows to send or receive a fax, stay in your current collaboration platform
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality to send a fax right from Teams
  • Keeps employees productive, efficient, and engaged

Learn more about  ETHERFAX’s DirectFax  Messenger in the Microsoft Store or chat with an ETHERFAX team member here.

Ben Manning

As Director of Product Management at ETHERFAX, Ben Manning helps to guide the mission and vision of ETHERFAX by aligning the product roadmap to the long-term strategy. Ben has a proven track record of driving profitable growth for products and services across healthcare IT, pharmaceutical market research, and HR consulting firms. Previously, Ben was Vice President of Product Management at Vyne.

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