ERIS™ (ETHERFAX Remote Integration Service)

ERIS is a lightweight, containerized application that can easily replace many local fax server functions.

Why Use ERIS?

ERIS is a development tool that supports the processing of job files (via drop directory) and is an alternative to using a programming API typical with most fax servers. This service provides support for several off-the-shelf products like RightFax, GFI FaxMaker, email/SMTP, Epic web services, and many others.

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in SMTP mail server and relay functions are ideal for multi-function device (MFD) integrations and adding fax capabilities to your existing mail system
  • High availability, clustering, and load balancing for mission-critical environments
  • Print server functions allow legacy systems to easily print documents with embedded instructions
  • Enhance workflows and automation with file drop and third-party application tie-ins
  • Email-to-fax/fax-to-email — functionalities allow users to send an email with an attachment without the complicated set-up of a fax server desktop client

More Reasons to Switch

Fax servers and fax boards are complicated, as they require on-premise solutions that are bulky, expensive, hard to-maintain, have high overhead maintenance costs, and require detailed expertise to set-up, configure, and operate. ERIS is ideal for any organization utilizing an existing fax server for routing. ERIS requires no infrastructure, no heavy-lifting, and eliminates the complexity associated with traditional ‘rip-and-replace’ fax server applications.

Problems Solved

email fax

Email a fax as an attachment, without the complicated set-up of a fax server desktop client


Receive a fax as an attachment to your app, allowing collaboration in third-party applications such as EHRs or Teams


Decrease annual maintenance and
traffic costs


Eliminate the complexity associated with traditional ‘rip-and-replace’ server applications

Enhance Productivity and Streamline Operations

Move to the Cloud with ETHERFAX

ERIS™ is a development tool that supports the processing of job files and is an alternative to using programming APIs.

female employee
female doctor


Work queues and workflow automation enable documents to be dropped into a file folder that can be swept by content management systems or ingested and integrated into third-party applications such as EHRs.

Seamless Integrations

One of the many benefits of replacing fax with ETHERFAX is the ability to integrate with multiple applications. This can happen through our Software Developer Toolkit, via our extensive API Library, or through our ever-expanding list of third-party integrations. ETHERFAX’s integrations facilitate the off-ramp from fax and the on-ramp to interoperability. 

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