ETHERFAX Achieves Highest Level of Validation in KLAS’ Digital Fax 2023 Report

Holmdel, New Jersey (August 22, 2023) – ETHERFAX today announced it has achieved the highest level of validation in KLAS’ Digital Fax 2023 Report. This marks ETHERFAX’s second time as a top validated vendor in the digital faxing industry according to KLAS Research.

Today, seamless data exchange is paramount, and healthcare organizations in particular heavily rely on faxing to securely and efficiently exchange critical information. The KLAS report sheds light on the persistent reliance healthcare organizations have on faxing technology to exchange critical data, despite advancements in interoperability solutions such as Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), national record exchanges, Direct Secure Messaging, and APIs. While faxing technology has adapted to fully digital processes, the healthcare industry is seeking next-generation capabilities that automate workflows and enable interoperability.

ETHERFAX provides these next-generation capabilities with innovative secure document exchange solutions and AI-powered data extraction capabilities. ETHERFAX’s WEAVE™ solution suite enables organizations to extract vital clinical data from faxes and seamlessly integrate that data into other healthcare workflows. This capability not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to the accuracy of patient record matching.

With ETHERFAX WEAVE™, organizations can automatically route documents to precise patient records, extract specific clinical data from incoming faxes, and harness this data to create a longitudinal record for patients. This approach allows healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions, streamline processes, and provide optimal patient care.

“ETHERFAX’s recognition as the only two-time highest validated vendor in KLAS’ Digital Fax Report reaffirms our dedication to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction,” said Paul Banco, CEO and co-founder of ETHERFAX. “We are not only bridging the gap between traditional faxing and modern workflows, but also revolutionizing how organizations perceive and leverage secure document exchange as a strategic asset. The fax market will continue to grow as more and more organizations move from paper processes to digital solutions.”

As part of its Digital Fax Report, KLAS Research created a framework to help explain the current state of digital faxing. In order to reach the highest validation, which is a Level 4, vendors had to demonstrate how they extract clinical data that can then be inserted into other healthcare workflows (e.g., administrative, clinical, financial). Based on KLAS’ scoring, ETHERFAX reached a Level 4 for its EHR integration, automated document routing, discrete patient and document identification, and discrete clinical data. ETHERFAX is the only vendor to have achieved the highest level of validation in both KLAS’ 2019 and 2023 Digital Fax Reports. This recognition underscores ETHERFAX’s commitment to delivering innovative functionality that addresses the evolving needs of healthcare organizations.

As the digital fax market continues to evolve, ETHERFAX remains steadfast in its mission to provide an off-ramp from fax, and an on-ramp to interoperability.

Download the report here.


ETHERFAX® eliminates the need for costly network fax systems, such as fax boards and recurring telephony fees. ETHERFAX’s patented technology leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications.

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