The ACDI and ETHERFAX Partnership: A Must-Know for Office Equipment Resellers

Paul Banco of ETHERFAX and Mark Hart of ACDI joined Andy Slawetsky on the latest episode of Industry Analysts’ “What’s Happenin’” show to discuss the exciting new partnership. This discussion jumps into the integration of fax automation in the healthcare industry, highlighting the benefits for office equipment resellers.

Key Points Discussed

Partnership and Integration:

Mark Hart highlights the integration between ACDI and ETHERFAX, focusing on enhancing fax integration and automation within the healthcare industry. This partnership aims to expand dealers’ offerings, providing new revenue models and streamlining workflows.

ETHERFAX’s Evolution:

Paul Banco discusses ETHERFAX’s shift towards workflow automation, emphasizing the significance of digital faxing solutions. He notes the resurgence of faxing due to its simplicity and security, making it a viable option for many industries, particularly healthcare.

Industry Impact and Future Plans:

The partnership will be showcased at the upcoming BTA event, where dealers can explore the new integration and its benefits. The launch of the FLOW product by the end of the year is set to further enhance the capabilities offered to dealers.

Security and Compliance:

The importance of security and compliance in fax technology is underscored, with third-party attestations and successful FedRAMP certification processes ensuring robust protection.

Market Expansion:

ACDI’s collaboration with ETHERFAX and print management giant PaperCut is poised to drive revenue for thousands of office equipment resellers across the Americas. This strategic move is aimed at addressing the evolving needs of the fax industry and expanding into vertical markets such as healthcare.

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