Why Email Faxing?

ETHERFAX’s email-to-fax and fax-to-email functionalities allow users to send or receive faxes wherever they are. Support your mobile workforce, save time, and experience the freedom to fax from anywhere, at any time.

Email faxing is simple, intuitive, and works with your current workflows. Inbound faxes are delivered directly to your inbox with the fax as a file attachment. Outbound faxes are sent from your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account – simply compose a new message to fax#@directfax.net and attach the document you want to ‘fax’.

Features & Benefits

  • Faxing is as convenient as emailing
  • No need for IT support to set up hardware or software
  • Outbound email to fax using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace accounts – fax#@directfax.net
  • Inbound fax to email clients – faxes appear in your inbox with faxed documents as attachments
  • Users don’t need to be tied to an office, a fax machine, or a desktop server app
email faxing

More Reasons to Use Email Faxing

Your email account can become your fax machine. Receive faxes in your inbox or send faxes from your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account. Utilize your current workflow to communicate and share documents instead of installing another app, buying a fax machine, or using a MFP and incurring all the associated costs.

Problems Solved

digital document

Send and receive a fax from anywhere, without a desktop
server application

eliminate costs

Fax without the costs of a dedicated
phone line, fax machine, paper, toner,
and the associated maintenance

third-party apps

Easily fax with an intuitive solution that works with your current business messaging system


Utilize your current workflow to share documents

Enhance Productivity and Streamline Operations

businessman in office

Improve Interoperability

ETHERFAX provides organizations with an off-ramp from legacy telephony faxing and an on-ramp to interoperability and integration through its secure document exchange platform. ETHERFAX can eliminate the need for costly fax boards, media gateways, and other telephony infrastructure.

Seamless Integrations

One of the many benefits of replacing fax with ETHERFAX is the ability to integrate with multiple applications. This can happen through our Software Developer Toolkit, via our extensive API Library, or through our ever-expanding list of third-party integrations. ETHERFAX’s integrations facilitate the off-ramp from fax and the on-ramp to interoperability. 

Ready to get started?

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